Children learn best when they have consistent attendance at school

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has mandated ten (10) excused absences, per student, per year. This also includes excessive tardiness. Your child is marked tardy, whether it is late to school, or leaving early.

Please remember to call the school at 715-395-8500 by 8:45 if your child is going to be absent or tardy, for any reason. The office can then mark your child appropriately. Any time your child has appointments, ie., doctor, dental, therapy, mental health, etc., if you bring in a note from the person seeing your child that day, the absence can be counted as medical. Medical absences do not count against the 10 days allowed in the year. If your child is ill for more than 5 school days consecutively, verification from a doctor is required for re-entry to school.


Children learn best when they have consistent attendance at school. We understand that occasions sometimes arise that cause children to miss school. Our aim at Great Lakes Elementary School is to help each child have a successful educational experience. 

Wisconsin Statute 118.15(5) allows parents to excuse their child from school for up to 5 days per semester and 10 days per school year, tardiness included. School District of Superior Board Policy allows parents to excuse children for up to 5 days per semester.

Thanks very much!

Great Lakes’s Staff